How To Use Your Wallet & Send / Spend Litecoins Securely

In a previous post we discussed how to secure your wallet by taking it offline (cold storage & paper wallet), but how do we send / spend our Litecoins without compromising our wallet.dat file? This tutorial will show you the steps…

Step 1. Download the Litecoin-Qt (wallet) for Linux

Step 2. Boot your computer in Ubuntu Live

This step involves booting your computer in Ubuntu Live. This will not affect your current operating system.

  • See the following guide on booting your computer in a safe environment. Ubuntu Live
Step 3. Install and run Litecoin-Qt
  • Install Litecoin-Qt from the USB drive.
  • Open Litecoin-Qt and wait for it to finish synchronising.
  • Close Litecoin-Qt.
Step 4. Disconnect from the internet
  • As always, disconnect from the internet before putting your wallet.dat file on a computer.
Step 5.  Replace wallet.dat file.
  • Replace wallet.dat in ~/.litecoin directory with your wallet.dat from cold storage.
Step 6. Restart Litecoin-Qt
  • Reconnect to the internet.
Step 7. Send Litecoins
  • Go to the Send tab and enter in the address you want to send to, and the amount you want to send, click Send.
  • Enter your passphrase.

NOTE: You should wait until at least one confirmation has occurred before disconnecting from the internet again and closing your client.  See How long do I have to keep my wallet open after sending coins for more info.


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